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In this website, I strive to do my bit of technical analysis, in identifying the fundamentally strong scripts with the detailed aspects of entry price, entry time, exit price, exit period and the stop loss & re-entry levels for positional traders. All the script are recommended on the basis of positional trading for minimum 8-10 "Trading Days" and maximum 20-30 Trading days depending on the market situations taking into consideration all abnormal conditions in the markets. Before taking any entry into the script, I request you to verify clearly whether you have adequate capacity to hold the scrip for the stipulated period and also verify whether you have adequate patience to hold it for the stipulation holding period. If you lack any of these two ingredients, you are going to be a total failure in your trial to make money. Enter into the script with a clear ambition to make money and book profits at reasonable levels.

Our mission

Through this website try to developed customer’s trading idea on Indian share Equity commodity and Forex. Client will receive 3 - 5 Calls in a Day. (Cash & F&O Both) 85 to 95% Success Ratio will be provided. Get calls on a mobile during Market hours Most calls are from 'A' group companies Calls will be provided via SMS on mobile Calls depends on the market trends. Recommendations are based on technical and fundamental basis. Profit in Intraday: 2% to 3% Secure News base BTST Call, Positional call, Delivery Call 5 to 10 Call in Month.

Trading Idea

Stock Market Training) is the learning solutions track2invest.com Bhubaneswar Odisha. Track2invest is Odisha's first stock market institute where experts teach students all about Stock Market with using live trading. At Track2invest.com/webinar, industry experts teach an individual all that is required to earn money from the Stock Markets. These experts, with their vast experience and acumen on the happenings in the market, impart knowledge to our students with real time examples. Our students are provided with Demate account trading platform experience the thrill of live online trading. This helps them create and manage their own portfolio, practice the concepts, and do much more.

Fund Mangement

:- Our team provide stock market software and managing own portfolio system
:- Basic idea about stock market and companies script name
:- world market impression on our stock
:- how to pick the best stock which is grow towards target
:- best analysis weapon and many more web site tools which is improve your pick idea

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